Important information


Due to a public filming in Pº Lluis Companys nº 1-5, the Blue Area for buses located in the same place will be canceled on January 20, 2019, from 08:00 to 23:59 hours. During this period you can not perform any operation or parking in the area mentioned above, keep this information in mind when scheduling visits to the area.


Standard Engine off

We inform you that coaches should have the engine off while they are parked: Barcelona Environment Ordinance Article 44-3.7

Temporada Alta Plataforma Logística Park Güell

A partir del dia 24 de març de 2018, s’inicia la temporada alta a la Plataforma Logística del Park Güell.

Per aquest motiu, s’habilita l’estacionament per a autocars situat al carrer Camèlies 74-76.

Amb el horari de 10h a 17h de dilluns a diumenge.